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International (non-EU) Orders

Yes, I sell and ship worldwide!

Tip: Adding your phone number to your address (during order process) can help to avoid problems during delivery and help the postal service in your country to contact you!
(But of course you are free to decide whether or not you provide your phone number.)

Switzerland/Norway: You can order in the shop and pay via PayPal. I will refund the 19% German VAT back into your PayPal account directly upon processing your order. (or please contact me and order via email and I provide a VAT-free invoice that you can pay via PayPal or wire.)
Please note that a local import tax and a postal customs/tax-handling-fee might or will apply and has to be paid by you upon acceptance of the delivery.

Other countries:

If you are living outside the European Union (eg. the Americas, Australia, Asia), you have to contact us by email.


Here is the facts:

  • You can divide all prices by 1.19 to get the product price w/o German VAT.
  • I will then send you a preliminary invoice for you to check all cost.
  • If you're OK with it you pay via, PayPal or wire (sorry, no CCs directly)
  • I ship via DHL / Deutsche Post Priority Package (airmail).
    (Delivery through DHL or your local Postal Service.)
  • Shipping times vary from 4-6 days to 4-5 weeks depending on destination but mostly on the strictness of your country's security and customs policies.
  • I provide correctly filled in airway bills, customs declaration and double copies of the invoice attached outside the box.
  • I will NOT fake a lower value of the shipment in any of these documents. Don't ask!
    It's illegal and would backfire on me, not you.
  • YOU are entirely responsible for all eventual import taxes, customs fees etc. that might (or might not) apply in your country.
  • Please check your country's customs policies, import tax rates, tax free limits etc. BEFORE you make an order! Because ...
  • I will NOT make any refunds if your package is stuck in customs because you are not allowed to import it or you don't want to pay import- or customs fees.
  • If an international package is sent back to me because you refuse acceptance / to pay custom fees (also if you don't get it out of customs) we will refund your payment minus all shipping cost and all other costs due to reclaiming the package. (But I'm sure you DO want to get your snowskate, so this is just in case.)


Here is an example of a snowskate complete, selling for 389€ (Euro) in the webshop, shipped to a DHL Zone 5 country (eg. USA, CAN, JAP, AUS, NZ, Korea ...):

  • Product minus VAT: 389€ ÷ 1.19 = 326.89€ (you save 62€)
  • Shipping: DHL Zone 5: 26€ per package + 5€ per kilogram
    Snowskate+padding+box 5kg = 25€
    Total shipping cost 26+25= 51€
  • Total cost: 377.89€
    (plus eventual import duties on your side)

(Australia for example (AFAIK) has an import tax free limit of 1000 AU$, so no import duties in this case.)

It will be a pleasure for me to sell and ship to you globally.
I will do that with utmost care and due diligence.
But to avoid unpleasant surprises YOU have to do your part and check your country's import rules.